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  1. Running Mates is a 1992 American political comedy/drama television film directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg and starring Diane Keaton, Ed Harris, Ed Begley Jr., and Ben Masters. The film follows the presidential election campaign of Senator Hugh Hathaway, who faces scandal and controversy when his enemies share secrets of Aggie Snow ...

  2. 4 ott 1992 · Running Mates: Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. With Diane Keaton, Ed Harris, Ed Begley Jr., Ben Masters. In this political satire, a Senator running for President is involved in some controversies when his political enemies expose some hidden secrets about his new wife, a successful author of children's books.

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  3. Running Mates is an excellent movie charmed with two great performances. Ed Harris and Diane Keaton were spectacular! The chemistry between the two was breathtaking and very romantic. A must see in the romance department.

  4. Running Mates 1992 Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg Synopsis He’s got a bright political future. She’s got a sexy secret past. Who do you think will grab the headlines? Hugh Hathaway was captain of the high school football team when Aggie Snow first went giddy over him.

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  6. Running Mates is a 2000 American made-for-television political comedy-drama film directed by Ron Lagomarsino and starring Tom Selleck. The film follows the presidential election campaign of James Pryce, a Democratic Party presidential candidate, who has a hard time deciding whom to pick as his vice-presidential running mate.