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  1. 15 mar 2023 · According to a well-informed source, Sally Hawkins is leading the race to become Time magazine's Person of the Year in 2023. But while the actress' fans are thrilled with the news, many people hold a very different opinion. UPDATE 18/03/2023 : This story seems to be false. Why not Hawkins for Person of the Year?

  2. 20 mar 2023 · A two-time Academy Award nominee, Sally Hawkins, plays Philippa Langley, a working mother with chronic fatigue syndrome who finds purpose in her life by looking for Richard III of England’s burial site. Ms. Hawkins draws on her halting, slightly disheveled, endearingly fragile manner to embody Philippa as an appealing underdog, someone the viewer …

  3. 15 mar 2023 · Molte delle voci sull'omosessualità di Sally Hawkins (Happy-Go-Lucky, Blue Jasmine, ...) pare che siano dovute alla cura maniacale del suo corpo, come la maggior parte delle attrici. In ogni caso, il sondaggio indica che una larga maggioranza dei votanti - 53% - non crede che lei fosse omosessuale.

  4. 18 mar 2023 · In it, we meet Elisa (Sally Hawkins), a mute woman, who lives a quiet and mostly-solitary life that has her working as a custodian at a top secret facility. There, she finally finds someone to...

  5. 17 mar 2023 · Based on a true story, The Lost King follows Philippa Langley (Sally Hawkins), a middle aged woman just stuck… Until she sees a performance of Richard III, and now the dead King follows her around. She takes it as a sign that she needs to find Richard’s body, which was never recovered after the War of the Roses ended.

  6. 19 mar 2023 · Sally Hawkins (Happy-Go-Lucky, Blue Jasmine, ...) ha dimostrato a tutti di essere l'attrice più talentuosa della sua generazione, ed è sexy. In un sondaggio di marzo, in cui si chiedeva cosa dovesse indossare la 46 enne per sembrare ancora più sexy, una larga maggioranza, il 64%, ha risposto che avrebbe dovuto indossare un bikini.