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    1 giorno fa · Saxony is the tenth largest of Germany's sixteen states, with an area of 18,413 square kilometres (7,109 sq mi), and the sixth most populous, with more than 4 million inhabitants. The term Saxony has been in use for more than a millennium.

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    Saxony is the border of Germany to the two countries Poland and Czech Republic. In the north of Saxony is Brandenburg, another German state. Saxony's west border is to Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Bavaria. A big part of the border to the Czech Republic are the Ore Mountainsin the south of Saxony.

    The first Free State of Saxony was founded in 1918, after the first World War. After the second World War, in 1945, the "country of Saxony" was founded. Later the Country was divided into 3 administrative divisions of the German Democratic Republic, and thus robbed of its sovereignty. In 1990 the Free State of Saxony was officially re-founded as a ...

    • 18,415.66 km² (7,110.33 sq mi)
    • Germany
  2. 4 giorni fa · The history of Saxony began with a small tribe living on the North Sea between the Elbe and Eider River in what is now Holstein. The name of this tribe, the Saxons (Latin: Saxones), was first mentioned by the Greek author Ptolemy. The name Saxons is derived from the Seax, a knife used by the tribe as a weapon. [citation needed]

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    2 giorni fa · Leipzig(/ˈlaɪpsɪɡ,-sɪx/LYPE-sig, -⁠sikh,[4][5][6][7]German: [ˈlaɪptsɪç] (listen); Upper Saxon: Leibz'sch) is the most populous city in the Germanstateof Saxony. Leipzig's population of 624,689 inhabitants (1.1 million[8]in the larger urban zone)[2]as of 2022[9][10]places the city as Germany's eighth most populous,[11]as ...

  4. 25 mag 2023 · Saxony, German Sachsen, Land (state), eastern Germany. Poland lies to the east of Saxony, and the Czech Republic lies to the south. Saxony also borders the German states of Saxony-Anhalt to the northwest, Brandenburg to the north, Bavaria to the southwest, and Thuringia to the west. The capital is Dresden. Area 7,109 square miles (18,413 square km). Pop. (2011) 4,056,799. Present-day Saxony is ...

  5. 4 giorni fa · 26 languages For the bird species, see King of Saxony bird-of-paradise. This article lists dukes, electors, and kings ruling over different territories named Saxony from the beginning of the Saxon Duchy in the 6th century to the end of the German monarchies in 1918.

  6. 1 giorno fa · Military career Frederick Augustus entered the Royal Saxon Army in 1877 as a second lieutenant, despite being only twelve years old. Given his royal status, he advanced rapidly through the ranks. He served initially with the Royal Saxon 1. (Leib-) Grenadier Regiment Nr. 100.

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    2 giorni fa · Posizione del comune di Urbino nella provincia di Pesaro e Urbino. Sito istituzionale. Modifica dati su Wikidata · Manuale. Urbino ( Urbìn in dialetto gallo-piceno [4]) è un comune italiano di 13 737 abitanti [1] della provincia di Pesaro e Urbino nelle Marche.

  8. 3 giorni fa · Manuale. Il Mostro di Firenze è la denominazione usata dai media italiani per riferirsi a un presunto serial killer autore di sette duplici omicidi commessi fra il 1974 e il 1985 ai danni di coppie appartate in auto nelle campagne dei dintorni di Firenze.

  9. 20 mag 2023 · Saxony were a short lived Australian pop rock band formed in Adelaide, South Australia in 1975. The group released two singles, both of which peaked inside the Australian top 100. Discography [ edit ]

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    2 giorni fa · La Lombardia ( AFI: /lombar'dia/ in italiano; /lombar'dia/, /lumbar'dia/ o /lumbar'dea/ in lombardo) è una regione italiana a statuto ordinario [9] di 9 956 788 abitanti [3] dell' Italia nord-occidentale, prefigurata nel 1948 e istituita nel 1970.

  11. 3 giorni fa · Das Erzgebirge ( tschechisch Krušné hory?/i) ist ein Mittelgebirge in Sachsen und Böhmen. Knapp nördlich der Kammlinie verläuft die deutsch-tschechische Grenze. Die höchsten Erhebungen sind der Keilberg ( Klínovec) ( 1243,7 m n.m.) und der Fichtelberg ( 1214,79 m ü. NHN ).