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  1. Scoop downloads and manages packages in a portable way, keeping them neatly isolated in ~\\scoop. It won't install files outside its home, and you can place a Scoop installation wherever you like. For terminal applications, Scoop creates shims , a kind of command-line shortcuts, inside the ~\\scoop\\shims folder, which is accessible in the PATH.

  2. scoop. 〈 skùup 〉 s. ingl. [di origine incerta e complessa, che nelle lingue anglosassoni ha anche altri sign.] (pl. scoops 〈 skùups 〉), usato in ital. al masch. – Colpo giornalistico, cioè notizia sensazionale che un giornalista riesce ad avere e un giornale a pubblicare in esclusiva precedendo la concorrenza: fare uno s.; forse ...

    • What Does Scoop do?
    • Installation
    • Multi-Connection Downloads with Aria2
    • Inspiration
    • What Sort of Apps Can Scoop install?
    • Known Application Buckets
    • Other Application Buckets

    Scoop installs programs from the command line with a minimal amount of friction. It: 1. Eliminates permission popup windows 2. Hides GUI wizard-style installers 3. Prevents PATH pollution from installing lots of programs 4. Avoids unexpected side-effects from installing and uninstalling programs 5. Finds and installs dependencies automatically 6. P...

    Run the following command from a non-admin PowerShell to install scoop to its default location C:\\Users\\ \\scoop. Advanced installation instruction and full documentation of the installer are available in ScoopInstaller/Install. Please create new issues there if you have questions about the installation.

    Scoop can utilize aria2 to use multi-connection downloads. Simply install aria2through Scoop and it will be used for all downloads afterward. By default, scoop displays a warning when running scoop install or scoop update while aria2 is enabled. This warning can be suppressed by running scoop config aria2-warning-enabled false. You can tweak the fo...

    The apps that install best with Scoop are commonly called "portable" apps: i.e. compressed program files that run stand-alone when extracted and don't have side-effects like changing the registry or putting files outside the program directory. Since installers are common, Scoop supports them too (and their uninstallers). Scoop is also great at hand...

    The following buckets are known to scoop: 1. main- Default bucket for the most common (mostly CLI) apps 2. extras - Apps that don't fit the main bucket's criteria 3. games- Open source/freeware games and game-related tools 4. nerd-fonts- Nerd Fonts 5. nirsoft - Almost all of the 250+ apps from Nirsoft 6. sysinternals - Sysinternals Suite and all in...

    Many other application buckets hosted on Github can be found in the Scoop Directory or via other search engines.

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  4. scoop - esclusiva - rivelazione - bomba - cucchiaia - gelato sfuso - guadino - paletta da gelato - pallina di gelato. Nelle liste: The Media, altro... Sinonimi: ladle, shovel, spoon, spoon out, dip, altro... Collocazioni: a scoop of [ice cream, sherbet, pudding], [three] scoops please, use an ice cream scoop, altro...

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