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  1. Add to word list. people's opinions or feelings about a situation, especially the likely future direction of a financial market, the economy, etc.: Analysts and investors said market sentiment for the time being appears positive. Business sentiment is showing signs of recovery.

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    In psicologia con il termine sentimento (derivato dal latino sentire, percepire con i sensi) si intende uno stato d' animo ovvero una condizione cognitivo - affettiva che dura più a lungo delle emozioni e che presenta una minore incisività rispetto alle passioni.

  3. Le sentiment est la prise de conscience d’un état émotionnel. Comme l’émotion, il s’agit d’un état affectif, mais contrairement à elle il se construit sur des représentations ...

  4. sentiment. emozioni. sensazioni. sentire. Your sentiments are noble, but impractical. I vostri sentimenti sono nobili, ma poco pratici. Marshall echoed those same sentiments last night at the viewing. Marshall ha manifestato gli stessi sentimenti la notte scorsa, alla veglia.

  5. 25 nov 2023 · Examples of sentiment in a Sentence. His criticism of the court's decision expresses a sentiment that is shared by many people. an expression of antiwar sentiments She likes warmth and sentiment in a movie. You have to be tough to succeed in the business world. There's no room for sentiment.

  6. exaggerated, overindulged, or mawkish feeling or emotion. an expression of response to deep feeling, esp in art or literature. a feeling, emotion, or awareness: a sentiment of pity. a mental attitude modified or determined by feeling: there is a strong revolutionary sentiment in his country.

  7. Interpretations, sentiments, and claims, even allegedly private thoughts and feelings, draw from the growing public cultures of the ageing body. From the Cambridge English Corpus There is very little, for example, on the ' sentiments approach ' to family history.