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    Yasushi Ōhama (大濱 靖, Ōhama Yasushi, born August 2, 1958), known professionally as Shou Hayami (速水 奨, Hayami Shō), is a Japanese actor, voice actor and singer. He is mainly known for his smooth, deep voice.

  2. Shō Hayami is a Japanese voice actor known for voicing Sosuke Aizen, Vanilla Ice, and Ichiya Wanderlei Kotobuki. Take a visual walk through their career and see 282 images of the characters they've voiced and listen to 9 clips that showcase their performances.

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    Shō Hayami ( 速水奨?, Hayami Shō; Takasago, 2 agosto 1958) è un doppiatore, cantante e attore giapponese . Il suo vero nome è Yasushi Ohama (大濱 靖?, Ohama Yasushi).

  4. Family name: 速水 Alternate names: Shou Hayami, 大濱 靖, Yasushi Ohama Birthday: Aug 2, 1958 Website: Member Favorites: 2,777 More: Birth name: Yasushi Ohama (大濱 靖) Hometown: Hyogo, Japan Blood type: A Twitter: @ show_ism Profile: Details News Pictures Top > People > Hayami, Show Add Voice Actor Role Voice Acting Roles

  5. 24 nov 2023 · Sho Hayami (速水 奨, Hayami Shō), real name Yasushi Ohama, is a Japanese voice actor, actor and singer who voices Vanilla Ice in the second season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation, Stardust Crusaders, and previously in Heritage for the Future.

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    Shou HAYAMI is best known for voice acting Sousuke AIZEN from Bleach, Ichiya Vandalay KOTOBUKI from Fairy Tail, Nicholas D. WOLFWOOD from Trigun, Gakuhou ASANO from Assassination Classroom, and Frank ARCHER from Fullmetal Alchemist.