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  1. 19 ore fa · Aveva 61 anni, tanta voglia di viaggiare, una forte passione per i libri e un sorriso che difficilmente chi le voleva bene potrà dimenticare.

  2. 19 ore fa · Pro-Palestine demonstrators chanted “shame on you” at a group calling for all Israeli hostages to be released as they marched through London on Saturday. Activists carrying banners calling for ...

  3. 10 ore fa · It’s a shame because, in private, he seems to be nice and generous. Even though he understood French, he didn’t make the effort to speak it." Expand Tweet.

  4. 19 ore fa · Russian Olympic biathlon champion's action was described as "shame", "what a shame". Former biathlete Olga Zaitseva has spoken out about the doping case at the Sochi Olympics, comparing herself to a "defender of the homeland." The two-time Olympic champion said she was the first to fight off the "attack" on Russia.

  5. 19 ore fa · Sainz 'shame' at Aston Martin snub. With top teams like Red Bull and Mercedes not easy to crack, and with Fernando Alonso's recent contract extension at Aston Martin slamming the door shut on another possible move, Chandhok fears Sainz's next destination could be a significant step backwards.

  6. 5 ore fa · Now streaming on VOD, Coup de Chance is Woody Allen’s 50th theatrically-released feature length film. (Throw in television movies, screenplays adapted by others, a streaming series, anthology ...

  7. 19 ore fa · Lasse Haugen had enough of the never-ending “we can’t possibly deploy IPv6” excuses and decided to start the IPv6 Shame-as-a-Service website, documenting top websites that still don’t offer IPv6 connectivity. His list includes well-known entries like,, and plus a few unexpected ones. I find not having an AAAA DNS record truly hilarious ...

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