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  1. Singleton's Pluck: Directed by Richard Eyre. With Ian Holm, Penelope Wilton, Richard Hope, Bill Owen. A farmer becomes an unintentional celebrity when, because of a strike, he has to walk his five thousand geese, one hundred miles to market.

  2. 21 nov 2020 · Touching British comedy about a determined farmer who must walk his 500 geese 100 miles to market because of a strike. He becomes a celebrity when the TV stations start covering his odyssey. Director: Richard Eyre. Writer: Brian Glover.

  3. Laughterhouse (or Singleton's Pluck as it is also known by) is a 1984 feature film directed by Richard Eyre, from a screenplay by wrestler-turned-actor Brian Glover. It stars Ian Holm as Norfolk goose farmer Ben Singleton who incurs the wrath of the union (the TGWU to be precise) when one of his pluckers loses a finger in an industrial accident.

  4. Synopsis by Hal Erickson. Singleton (Ian Holm) is a determined British farmer with a gaggle of holiday geese ready for market. It should be a simple task for Singleton to get his honking cargo to town, but it isn't. For starters, his drivers have gone on strike, so Singleton must take the geese himself.

  5. Singleton's Pluck. A farmer becomes an unintentional celebrity when he has to walk his 5000 geese 100 miles to market. 13 1 h 29 min 1985. X-Ray 13+. Comedy. Available to rent or buy. Rent. HD $3.99. Buy. HD $10.99. More purchase. options. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. Details.

  6. This splendid film, generally, and best, titled SINGLETON'S PLUCK, is a tale of livestock raiser Ben Singleton (Ian Holm) who will not yield to pressure from the United Kingdom's Transport and General Workers Union, thereon taking it upon himself to walk his 500 plumped geese to London, in the absence of available union-controlled lorry ...

  7. Singleton's Pluck. Richard Eyre’s Ealing-style comedy with a distinctively festive feel. Faced with a transport strike, a Norfolk poultry farmer drives his geese to market in London on foot. 1984. 2 IMDb 6.1 1 h 26 min 1984. Comedy. This video is currently unavailable. to watch in your location. Details. More info. Subtitles. None Available.