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  1. 3 giorni fa · This is a listing of all the animated shorts released by Warner Bros. under the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies banners between 1930 and 1939, plus the pilot film from 1929 which was used to sell the Looney Tunes series to Leon Schlesinger and Warner Bros.

  2. 17 set 2023 · Direttore d'orchestra e compositore statunitense. α 8 febbraio 1932. John Towner Williams nasce l'8 febbraio del 1932 a New York, figlio di Johnny, trombettista jazz e percussionista, tra i fondatori del Raymond Scott Quintet. Inizia a studiare musica a sette anni, e poco dopo...

  3. 17 set 2023 · The 1932 film, based on the 1926 short story Spurs by Tod Robbins, is, at its most basic, a horror film, but one that is far deeper and more complex than most, almost defying explanation.

  4. 21 set 2023 · As most of the world already knows, Padam Padam is a slinky, Eurovision-style firecracker catchy enough to cause sleepless nights. Its USP is that title, an exotic-sounding play on the sound of a ...

  5. 2 giorni fa · A Midsummer Night's Dream is a comedy play written by William Shakespeare in about 1595 or 1596. The play is set in Athens, and consists of several subplots that revolve around the marriage of Theseus and Hippolyta. One subplot involves a conflict among four Athenian lovers.

  6. 2 giorni fa · The list is sorted by the year the film was released. 1900s What Happened on Twenty-third Street, New York City (1901) Electrocuting an Elephant (1903) Coney Island at Night (1905) The Thieving Hand (1908) 1910s Regeneration (1915) Lights of New York (1916) Coney Island (1917) The Immigrant (1917) The Delicious Little Devil (1919) 1920s

  7. 18 set 2023 · Updated: 4 ore ago. By Frenk Rodriguez. Le Halloween Horror Nights degli Universal Studios sono un paradiso per gli appassionati di horror e di cultura pop, e l’attrazione principale di quest’anno, “The Last of Us”, porta in vita gli incubi post-pandemici del videogioco in modo terrificante.