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  1. 20 mag 2024 · Someday or One Day (Chinese: 想見你; pinyin: Xiǎng Jiàn Nǐ; lit. 'Want to See You') is a Taiwanese TV drama released in 2019 [1] directed by Huang Tien-jen (黃天仁), and stars Alice Ko, Greg Han, Patrick Shih and Kenny Yen.

    • May 19, 2024
    • PicturePerfectChannel
    • 107 min
    • 121
  2. 3 giorni fa · Someday Or One Day | Filme. Ano: 2022. País: Taiwan. Duração: 1h 47 min. Gênero: Mistério, Romance, Ficção Científica, Fantasia. Sinopse: Em 2009, Li Zi Wei, de 28 anos, e Huang Yu Xuan, de 17, se conheceram. Duas vidas inocentes e não afetadas que poderiam sentir marcas como as de suas vidas passadas e presentes.

  3. 21 mag 2024 · From the beginning, there have been comments saying things like 'Lovely Runner is the Korean version of Someday or One Day,' 'Lovely Runner is more like Someday or One Day than the actual Korean remake of Someday or One Day,' and more. Are these settings just really common in time travel stories...?

  4. 3 giorni fa · Devoted-Someday or One Day-X-Ray Dog Introduction. Devoted is used as an insert song of the TV series Someday or One Day. It is a work by X-Ray Dog that is known for producing epic orchestral rock music. And the song was included in the album Pure Bred released in 2017.

  5. 4 giu 2024 · Join us for a deep-dive into the new kinetic shotgun Someday as we cover the best possible rolls you’ll want to keep an eye out for when exploring Destiny 2’s new location The Pale Heart.

  6. 2 giorni fa · The remake will be helmed by the production team of the 2019 hit Chinese rom-com Someday or One Day. Rising Chinese actress Vanda Margraf who gained popularity from Ip Man 4: The Finale...

  7. 4 giu 2024 · A smile to end the day. 我努力笑着. He said to me that one day. 他曾跟我说过,有一天. He’d meet me by the Milky Way. 约定在银河相会. Impossible to stay away. 我无法远离他. Impossible to stay. 也无法留下. You’ll be back to me someday. 你会回到我身边, One day. 有一天. He said to me that ...