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  1. 26 giu 2024 · The other roles are exquisitely well cast, with Sophie Okonedo (Regina, Janet’s rather needy old friend), Will Patton (Wayne, the problematic boyfriend) and Elias Koteas (as Avi, the puppet ...

  2. 23 giu 2024 · In one of the film’s best scenes, Janet and her friend Regina (Sophie Okonedo) are both high, monologuing about their pasts from childhood to young adulthood. Regina speaks of her troubled upbringing and an anonymous letter sent to her father that changed her life trajectory.

  3. 27 giu 2024 · In the second chapter we meet Regina, played by a wonderful Sophie Okonedo, a free-spirited drifter who comes to stay with Janet and Lacy after leaving a local hippie commune — basically a cult,...

  4. 19 giu 2024 · We meet Janet’s current boyfriend (Will Patton), her friend who may or may not be involved in a religious cult (Sophie Okonedo), and her friend who is the leader of a community theater troupe (Elias Koteas).

  5. 20 giu 2024 · Later, there’s Regina (Sophie Okonedo), who needs a place to stay after leaving a group that’s part commune, part theater troupe and maybe part cult.

    • Annie Baker
  6. 20 giu 2024 · A friend and local theater artist, Regina (Sophie Okonedo, warm and appealing as ever), briefly shacks up with the girls.

  7. 26 giu 2024 · The question, posed by Regina (Sophie Okonedo) in the midst of a drug-hazy cuddle puddle, is the central idea that animates Annie Baker’s verdant, sun-dappled debut feature “Janet Planet.”