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  1. Sofoklis Venizelos (Greek: Σοφοκλής Βενιζέλος, also transliterated as Sophocles Venizelos) (3 November 1894 – 7 February 1964) was a Greek politician, who three times served as Prime Minister of Greece – in 1944 (in exile), 1950 and 1950–1951.

    • 1911-1920
  2. Sofoklīs Venizelos (in greco: Σοφοκλής Βενιζέλος; La Canea, 3 novembre 1894 – Mar Egeo, 7 febbraio 1964) è stato un politico greco, tre volte primo ministro: dal 13 al 26 aprile 1944 (a capo di un governo in esilio al Cairo ), dal 23 marzo al 15 aprile 1950 e dal 21 agosto 1950 al 1º novembre 1951 ...

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    Named after Eleftherios Venizelos, the key characteristics of Venizelism were: 1. Greek irredentism: The support of the Megali Idea. 2. Greek nationalism (liberal nationalism) 3. Liberal democracy: Venizelists represented upcoming urban classes that were against the old conservative establishment, which also had close ties with the palace. 4. Pro-W...

    Liberal Party

    Venizelos' liberal party ruled Greece from 1910 until 1916. That year, determined to enter World War I on the entente side, Venizelos rebelled against the king and formed a Provisional Government of National Defence in Thessaloniki. Venizelos regained full control of the country in 1917 and ruled until losing the 1920 elections. The strongest support for Venizelism came in the "New Greece" gained after the Balkan Wars of 1912–1913 consisting of Crete, Thrace, Epirus, the North Aegean islands,...

    Centre Union

    Georgios Papandreou created the Centre Union party in 1961, as a coalition of old Venizelists and progressive politicians. In 1963 the party was elected and held power until 1965, when its right wing broke ranks in the events known as the Apostasia. The current Union of Centristsclaims to be the ideological continuation of the old party Centre Union.

    Centrist Democratic Union

    After the 1967–1974 Junta, Venizelists formed the Centre Union – New Forces party, which then evolved into the Union of the Democratic Centre (Greek: ΕΔΗΚ). While the Venizelist legacy was still popular, election results were disappointing as the abolition of the monarchy, the dilution of support for Greek nationalism after the seven years of the junta and the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus, and Karamanlis' move towards the political centre had blurred the differences between the liberals an...

    Although the image of Venizelos is still very popular in Greece today, Venizelism is no longer a major force in Greek politics. Venizelos' prestige however and his ideology's connotations of republicanism, and progressive reforms means that most mainstream political forces claim his political heritage. There are few explicitly "Venizelist" movement...

    There were also various politicians of different political orientation during the 1910s (monarchists, conservatives, part of the clergy, but also socialists/communists of the newly founded SEKE) who were against Venizelos' policies. Some points of disagreement included the Venizelos' extreme pro-Entente stance during the World War I and the Nationa...

    Paschalis M. Kitromilides, Eleftherios Venizelos: The Trials of Statesmanship, Edinburgh University Press 2008, pp. 285–306.

  4. Sofoklīs Venizelos è stato un politico greco, tre volte primo ministro: dal 13 al 26 aprile 1944 , dal 23 marzo al 15 aprile 1950 e dal 21 agosto 1950 al 1º novembre 1951.

  5. Sophoklis Venizélos (en grec : Σοφοκλής Βενιζέλος ), né le 15 novembre 1894 ( 3 novembre dans le calendrier julien) à La Canée et mort le 7 février 1964 en mer à bord du Hellas, en route de La Canée au Pirée, est un homme politique grec.

    • 3/15 novembre 1894
    • en mer à bord du Hellas
    • 7 février 1964 (à 69 ans)
    • Georges II
  6. Sophoklis Venizelos, 1921 Sophoklis Venizelos ( griechisch Σοφοκλής Βενιζέλος Sofoklis Venizelos; * 3. November 1894 in Chania; † 7. Februar 1964 auf der Überfahrt des Passagierschiffes „Greece“ von Chania nach Piräus) war ein griechischer Politiker und Ministerpräsident. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Familie und militärische Laufbahn 2 Politische Laufbahn

  7. Sophoklis Venizelos (Greek: 3 November 1894 - 7 February 1964) was a prominent Greek politician who three times served as Prime Minister of Greece (once in exile). The second-born son of Eleftherios Venizelos, Sophoklis served with distinction in the Greek Army during the First World War and the initial phases of the Asia Minor campaign ...