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  1. Sounder. Sounder is a young adult novel by William H. Armstrong, published in 1969. It is the story of an African-American boy living with his sharecropper family. Although the family's difficulties increase when the father is imprisoned for stealing a ham from work, the boy still hungers for an education. Sounder, the dog's name, is the only ...

  2. Description. The ETH20MD acoustic sounder are used in environments where the use of an alarm signal is required and where a potential explosive atmosphere is present. The ETH20MD series sounder are multifunctional and allow you to warn in case of danger and in case of evacuation for the presence of a fire thanks to 5 different selectable sounds.

  3. - Modulo acustico piezoelettrico. Dispone di 6 suoni selezionabili tramite dip switch.

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    18 mar 2023 · sounder (plural sounders) Something, or someone who makes a sound. An instrument used in telegraphy in place of a register, the communications being read by sound. (medicine, dated, plural only) A stethoscope. Derived terms . depth sounder; echo sounder; telegraph sounder; Translations

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    The Bright's Bell Telegraph. Invented in 1855 by Charles Bright, England. This Was the Earliest Acoustic Telegraph Used in Britain. It Consisted of a Relay, Galvanometer, and 2 "Double Plate" Sounders. Close-Up of One of the Double Plate Sounders on the Bright's Bell Telegraph. Close-Up of the Bright's Bell Relay.

  6. Asserta - Industrial sounder & sounder beacon range. The Fulleon Asserta range of robust sounders and sounder beacons are designed for harsh environments where extra protection is required. Rated to IP66, the range is characterised by its flexibility and choice with three housing types (mini, midi and maxi), a number of tones, red or grey body ...

  7. Il nuovo fish finder digitale offre un'immagine cristallina degli obiettivi e della struttura del fondo L'FCV-295 è un ecoscandaglio digitale a colori progettato per una varietà di operazioni di pesca professionali. È dotato di un display LCD 10,4 legato che offre una visualizzazione superiore anche alla luce solare diretta. È possibile visualizzare gli echi in 8, 16 o 64 colori, con l ...