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  1. 01/12/2022 · When her family relocated to Berkshire in September 1986, she enrolled at St Andrew’s School, a private school near Pangbourne in Berkshire, at the age of four. In her later years, she boarded at St Andrew’s on a part-time basis. The Middletons relocated to the village of Bucklebury in 1995. She attended Downe House School.

  2. Middleton attended an English-language nursery school. When her family returned to Berkshire in September 1986, she was enrolled aged four at St Andrew's School, a private school near Pangbourne in Berkshire. She boarded part-weekly at St Andrew's in her later years. In 1995, the Middletons moved to the village of Bucklebury.

  3. After her father died in 1903 Edith moved to “St Just” which is very close to Northaw Place. Sir Philip Devitt at a lectern in Pangbourne College which was made from a ship's wheel. In 1912 the Reverend Hall became the vicar of Shirburn and sometime later appointed Cecil Esdaile Winter (1879-1964) as the Headmaster of the Preparatory School in Northaw Place.

  4. Fue criada en el pueblo de Bucklebury (Berkshire), y fue al St. Andrew's School, ubicada en Pangbourne. Años después ingresó en el Marlborough College, un internado independiente mixto y posteriormente asistió a la Universidad de Saint Andrews, donde estudió la carrera de Historia del arte y conoció al príncipe Guillermo. [8]

  5. Clearly he did not, he was at school. This extract records in part his early life:-Cornwell’s schooling began at St Andrew’s Preparatory School, near Pangbourne, Berkshire, and continued at Sherborne School. He grew unhappy with the typically harsh English public school régime of the time and disliked his disciplinarian housemaster, Thomas.

  6. Catherine Princess of Wales, Self: Sky News at 11. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton was born at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, United Kingdom. She is the oldest of three children with a younger sister, Philippa ("Pippa") Charlotte and a younger brother, James William.

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