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  1. 11 giu 2024 · Stephen Fry and Lena Dunham in "Treasure." Bleecker Street Many in Edek’s generation had no desire to return — he tells Ruth that her late mother would not have accompanied them on their journey.

  2. 6 giorni fa · Stephen Fry and Lena Dunham star in father-daughter drama "Treasure," which is adapted from Lily Brett's 2000 novel "Too Many Men."

  3. 11 giu 2024 · Stephen Fry on prison, performing, and imperfection. The national treasure discusses his unconventional route from Cambridge to the TV screen. It may be because I’ve grown up seeing him on television, but there is an instant feeling of familiarity when Stephen Fry joins the Zoom call, immediately greeting me with a cheery, “hello there!”.

  4. 12 giu 2024 · Fry said he knows it comes across as “pretentious” when actors immerse themselves in roles, but to him that’s the most effective way to embody the character — even in this instance.

  5. 10 giu 2024 · Stephen Fry should be suspended, if not expelled, from the MCC for his comments,’ Mr Waterman added. ‘Instead he is grovelling for forgiveness to try and make these complaints go away, ...

  6. 12 giu 2024 · De Engelse komiek Stephen Fry zit de rol van Edek op een merkwaardige manier als gegoten. Wanneer hij zijn dochter weer eens bevoogdend toespreekt met een sappig Pools accent, is het moeilijk om hem en de pijn die hij zo kundig verbergt níét in de armen te sluiten.

  7. 10 giu 2024 · Stephen Fry, normally the embodiment of droll detachment, cuts a much earthier figure in Treasure, the new film from German writer-director Julia von Heinz.. With a thick beard and scraggly gray hair, a credible Slavic accent, and a distinctly oafish slump in his large frame, Fry transforms himself into Edek Rothwax, a haunted Holocaust survivor and recent widower who, in accompanying his ...