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  1. R. Comedy. arrow_forward. Animal enthusiast Peter Gaulke (Steve Zahn) and his sidekick Fred Wolf (Allen Covert) host an ailing wildlife TV show "Strange Wilderness," which is in a steep ratings decline. Desperate to save the show, Peter hatches a Hail Mary scheme to find the one animal that could truly turn the show around and change the nature ...

  2. 1 feb 2008 · Peter Gaulke (Zahn) and Fred Wolf (Allen Covert) are the energetic hosts of "Strange Wilderness" -- television's most unconventional nature show. When the ratings take a nosedive and they are confronted with cancellation, Peter finds himself resorting to desperate measures in order to stay on the air.

  3. Strange Wilderness is a good, if not particularly memorable, stoner comedy revolving around a young slacker (Steve Zahn) who inherits a wildlife television show from his father. Unfortunately, he and his stoner buddies manage to get the show canceled, and their only hope is to get footage of Bigfoot down in Ecuador.

  4. Strange Wilderness es una película cómica de 2008 producida por Happy Madison para Paramount Pictures, protagonizada por Steve Zahn, Allen Covert, Justin Long, Kevin Heffernan y Jonah Hill. Recibió críticas negativas [ 1 ] y fue un fracaso de taquilla, obteniendo cerca de 7 millones de dólares ante un presupuesto de 20 millones.

  5. 1 feb 2008 · Strange Wilderness has three bad comic ideas for every good joke, and it botches many of those, too, thanks to slack comic timing and a nonexistent grasp of storytelling basics. But just when the flop-sweat stench is about to become unbearable, Strange Wilderness stumbles upon an uproarious, laugh-out moment, and suddenly it's tolerable again for another few minutes.