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  1. 2 giorni fa · John Krasinski’s comedy film IF has made it past a major global box office milestone. The movie, a combination of live-action and animated elements, is centered around Bea (Cailey Fleming), a young girl who discovers the existence of imaginary friends. Along with Fleming, the cast of IF includes Ryan Reynolds, Fiona Shaw, Steve Carell, Phoebe ...

  2. 2 giorni fa · The director began filming in 2016, but the film was not completed until 2022. During that period she met Rita and her niece, Juanita, who took care of her. And although he felt comfortable in his homeland, Esteinou testified how after Kansas he had to live a life in poverty, despite the fact that his compensation amounted to a substantial sum in Mexico at that time.

  3. 1 giorno fa · The comedy Sacramento, starring Michael Cera and Kristen Stewart, might just be the funniest - and most charming - surprises of the year. Here's our review.

  4. 5 giorni fa · Presumably, this movie owes its existence to the fact that the previous entry, Bad Boys for Life, was the top-grossing movie of 2020. Although this was partly due to the fact that every movie theater in the world shut down like two months after it opened.

  5. 5 giorni fa · In The Four Realms of Existence, Joseph LeDoux frames being human as consisting of nested realms of biology, neurobiology, cognition, and consciousness.

  6. 1 giorno fa · De David Cronenberg (1998) Dans un avenir proche, une créatrice de génie, Allegra Geller, a inventé une nouvelle génération de jeu qui se connecte directement au système nerveux : "eXistenZ". Lors de la séance de présentation du jeu, un fanatique cherche à la tuer.

  7. 5 giorni fa · The flow of time: An inherent juxtaposition. “The foundation of reverence is this perception, that the present holds within itself the complete sum of existence, backwards and forwards, that whole amplitude of time, which is eternity.”. ― Alfred North Whitehead.