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    2 giorni fa · Tantric traditions have been studied mostly from textual and historical perspectives. Anthropological work on living Tantric tradition is scarce, and ethnography has rarely engaged with the study of Tantra. This is arguably a result of the modern construction of Tantrism as occult, esoteric and secret.

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    2 giorni fa · Tantric techniques: Fourfold division: Kriyayoga; Charyayoga; Yogatantra; Anuttarayogatantra; Twofold division: Inner Tantras; Outer Tantras; Thought forms and visualisation: Mandala; Mantra; Mudra; Thangka; Yantra; Yoga: Ngöndro; Guru yoga; Deity yoga; Six yogas: Inner heat; Luminosity yoga; Dream yoga; Death yoga; Sex yoga

  3. 27 feb 2023 · In tantra, massage differs from other forms of therapeutic massage in that it covers the entire body, including the genitals. By including genital touch and genital massage, sexual energy is spread throughout the rest of the body. Tantric yoni massage and lingam massage are commonly believed to be ancient practices.

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    2 giorni fa · More broadly, the tantric sub-traditions sought nondual knowledge and enlightening liberation by abandoning all rituals, and with the help of reasoning (yuktih), scriptures (sastras) and the initiating Guru.

  5. 2 giorni fa · Tantric yoga is a branch of the yoga tradition that's in harmony with tantra, an ancient Asian spiritual practice with roots in India, Tibet and other parts of Asia. Tantric sex is a sensual ...

  6. 14 mar 2023 · Tantra is a Sanskrit term that means ‘ to weave .’. It aims to weave or unite the masculine and feminine forces within us. Tantra should not be confused as a template you must follow to have sex. Instead, it should be conceived as the spiritual pathway you must undertake while conducting the act of sex.