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  1. 21 set 2023 · L'11 luglio 2025 uscirà al cinema Superman: Legacy, il primo film del nuovo DC Universe diretto da James Gunn, che vedrà David Corenswet nel ruolo di Clark Kent/Superman e Rachel Brosnahan nei panni dell'intrepida giornalista Lois Lane. Su Twitter, James Gunn ha spiegato che il film sarà influenzato anche da un'altra celebre storia a fumetti, ovvero l'acclamata Superman:

  2. 23 ore fa · After Jonathan's death from a heart attack, a teenage Clark discovers a green crystal in his spacecraft's remains. This leads him to the Arctic, where he constructs the Fortress of Solitude, echoing Krypton's design. Inside, Jor-El's hologram reveals Clark's heritage and trains him for twelve years.

  3. 7 ore fa · The Death of Superman was the most pivotal event in DC Comics' history, and Clark's demise came at the hands of a previously unknown monster named Doomsday. Was this an unwinnable fight, or did Supes just make the wrong choices? Superman has fallen. About Doomsday's Strength

  4. 21 set 2023 · Regia di Robert Zemeckis. Un Film con Isabella Rossellini, Goldie Hawn, Bruce Willis, Meryl Streep, Sydney Pollack, Adam Storke, Ian Ogilvy, John Ingle. Titolo originale: Death Becomes her. Genere Commedia - USA, 1992.

  5. 21 set 2023 · Superhero Batman and Superman will face their Kingdom Come counterparts in World's Finest #20 By Will Salmon published 21 September 2023 We're returning to Earth-22 with the classic miniseries'...