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  1. Box office. $ 63,000. The Designated Mourner is a play written by Wallace Shawn in 1996, which was adapted into a film directed by David Hare in 1997. The film, which follows the play's script closely, is based on the original London stage production directed by Hare and has the same cast: Mike Nichols as Jack, Miranda Richardson as ...

  2. The Designated Mourner è una piece teatrale di Wallace Shawn, scritta nel 1996 e successivamente adattata per il cinema dal regista David Hare. Annoverato dal New York Times nella lista delle più grandi opere teatrali degli ultimi 25 anni, The Designated Mourner si posiziona al decimo posto con il seguente commento: «Un capolavoro ...

  3. 23 mag 1997 · The Designated Mourner: Directed by David Hare. With Mike Nichols, Miranda Richardson, David de Keyser. Jack and Judy are husband and wife, and Howard is Judys father. They live in some fictional undemocratic and repressive country, and tell us a story about their lives, mostly from Jack's point of view.

  4. 7 nov 1997 · “The Designated Mourner” is about a society that does not like readers, and most of its words are spoken by a survivor who stands a little outside and looks wryly at what happened to the members of his circle.

  5. Directed by playwright/filmmaker David Hare, starring Miranda Richardson, David de Keyser and one of America's most famous film directors, Mike Nichols, in his feature film acting debut, The Designated Mourner is a genuinely original, intimate, and compelling experience.

  6. Puoi guardare The Designated Mourner su una piattaforma streaming? Abbiamo confrontato Disney+, Netflix e Amazon Prime Video per mostrarti il servizio migliore per guardare The Designated Mourner. Scopri dove guardarlo online e inizia oggi stesso lo streaming di The Designated Mourner con una prova gratuita.

  7. The Designated Mourner (1997) - The Designated Mourner (1997) - User Reviews - IMDb The Designated Mourner (1997) User Reviews 18 Reviews Hide Spoilers Sort by: Filter by Rating: Wallace Shawn as one of the characters Bob_Macrae 29 May 2010 Warning: Spoilers 6 out of 7 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink

  8. This film adaptation of the acclaimed play by Wallace Shawn takes place in an unnamed country, where a repressive regime has come to power and begun rounding up and executing intellectuals. Share Synopsis

  9. 8 dic 2007 · The Designated Mourner Drama about a husband's jealousy. Against a backdrop of political and military unrest, three people find their relationships under intolerable pressure.

  10. The Designated Mourner est un film réalisé par David Hare avec Mike Nichols, Miranda Richardson. Synopsis : Récit de la vie de Jack and Judy, un couple vivant dans un pays au régime autoritaire.

  11. Rating: "The Designated Mourner" is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). It includes scattered profanity and explicit sexual descriptions. Directed by David Hare;...

  12. Film Notes -The Designated Mourner Directed by David Hare Screenplay by Wallace Shawn (United Kingdom, 1997, 94 minutes, color, 35mm) Cast: Mike Nicols……….Jack Miranda Richardson……….Judy David de Keyser……….Howard

  13. 103 pages ; 20 cm. Woven out of three monologues in what one reviewer called "a triple sonata of oppression and incomprehension" (The Sunday Times), Wallace Shawn's new play, The Designated Mourner, is a masterful drama about the pursuit of aesthetic subtleties in brutal times. The three characters include the eponymous designated mourner, Jack;