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    The Feminist film
  1. 28 nov 2023 · Doing Film Feminisms in the Age of Popular Feminism: A Roundtable Convened by Claire Perkins and Jodi Brooks Claire Perkins , Jodi Brooks , Janice Loreck , Pearl Tan , Jessica Ford & Rebecca J. Sheehan Received 10 Aug 2023, Accepted 20 Nov 2023, Published online: 28 Nov 2023 Cite this article

  2. 1 dic 2023 · HIGHLIGHTS. What: Petro (2016) does not shy away from ensuring her readers that “gender discrimination in the [film] industry is still rampant” (p.17) and that “it is important to [emphasize] once again that feminist film history gains nothing from disowning its origins” (p.22).

  3. 29 nov 2023 · Dampyr, il film tratto da un fumetto della Bonelli spopola negli Stati Uniti (ma non piace all’Italia) È il terzo tra i più visti di Netflix, ma nelle sale italiane non è stato accolto nel ...

  4. 30 nov 2023 · In light of contemporary feminist conceptualizations of aging and aging narratives, this essay aims to propose possible new directions that cinema and feminist film theory can take as part of a new epistemological framework.

  5. 1 giorno fa · Hirsi Ali is a former Muslim who became an atheist. [13] In 2004, she collaborated on a short film with Theo van Gogh, titled Submission, which depicted the oppression of women under fundamentalist Islamic law, and was critical of the Muslim canon itself.

  6. 28 nov 2023 · In Feminisms: Diversity, different, and multiplicity in contemporary film cultures, The key debates: Mutations and appropriations in European film studies, ed. Laura Mulvey and Anna Backman Rogers. Rotterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

  7. 30 nov 2023 · T FILM 436 Feminist Perspectives in Film and Literature (5) A&H, DIV Introduces students to feminist theories of representation and methods of analysis. Examines film and literature from Feminism's First Wave (late 19th-early 20th century), the high-water mark of Second Wave Feminism (1960s and 1970s, with films into the 1980s), and ...