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  1. An inspector thinks a corpse found in an abandoned ice house is the missing husband of the estate owner (Penny Downie).

    • Drama, Mystery & Thriller
  2. After his wife leaves him, Paul seeks solace at a sophisticated health spa run by a pair of sinister siblings. Strangely attracted by the scent of a vine that grows on the old ice house in the spa's grounds, Paul is drawn ever deeper into a horrifying mystery.

  3. The film stars John Stride, Geoffrey Burridge and Elizabeth Romilly. In the film, Paul (John Stride) has recently left his wife and has moved to a residential health spa located in an old country house to recuperate.

  4. 26 feb 1997 · The Ice House (1997 BBC, Mystery, Thriller) Plot: The peaceful, secluded, country hideaway of three diverse, lonely, supposedly lesbian, women is suddenly shattered when their gardener discovers a partially decomposed corpse in the old Ice House on their grounds.

  5. Synopsis. A corpse is found in an ice house ten years after Phoebe's husband went missing. The police seem determined to accuse Phoebe, to the delight of the villagers. Cast. Daniel Craig. D.S. Andy McLoughlin. Frances Barber. Diana Goode. Penny Downie. Phoebe Maybury. Corin Redgrave.

  6. The Ice House is a 1997 British mystery starring Daniel Craig, Corin Redgrave, Kitty Aldridge, Frances Barber, and Penny Downie.

  7. 22 nov 2020 · The Ice House. With Lawrence Gordon Clark having absconded to ITV, Derek Lister took the reins for what became the final film in the original run of the BBC’s A Ghost Story for Christmas. Jon Dear explores The Ice House… What did John Bowen have against John Stride?