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  1. The Ivory Game is a 2016 American documentary film, directed by Kief Davidson and Richard Ladkani. The film examines the ivory trade, which has become a global concern, pitting governments and environmental preservationalists against poachers and Chinese ivory merchants.

    • Richard Ladkani
    • Walter Köhler, Kief Davidson, Wolfgang Knöpfler
    • .mw-parser-output .plainlist ol,.mw-parser-output .plainlist ul{line-height:inherit;list-style:none;margin:0;padding:0}.mw-parser-output .plainlist ol li,.mw-parser-output .plainlist ul li{margin-bottom:0}Richard Ladkani, Kief Davidson
    • September 2, 2016 (Telluride Film Festival), November 4, 2016 (Netflix)
  2. Sinossi. Wildlife activists and investigators put their lives on the line to battle the illegal African ivory trade, in this suspenseful on-the-ground documentary.

    • 2016
    • Himself
    • Richard Ladkani, Kief Davidson
  3. The Ivory Game. 2016 | Maturity Rating: TV-14 | 1h 52m | Documentaries. Filmmakers infiltrate the corrupt global network of ivory trafficking, exposing poachers and dealers as African elephants edge closer to extinction.

    • Kief Davidson, Richard Ladkani
    • 112 min
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  4. 17 nov 2016 · The Ivory Game documenta la lotta quotidiana di pochi audaci per arginare una violenza che uccide gli elefanti e gli uomini preposti a proteggerli. Molte guardie dei Parchi Nazionali vengono barbaramente assassinate da bracconieri e terroristi molto spesso appoggiati da un'unità dell'esercito regolare.

    • Marzia Gandolfi
  5. 4 nov 2016 · The Ivory Game: Directed by Kief Davidson, Richard Ladkani. With Andrea Crosta, Ian Stevenson, Prince William of Wales. Wildlife activists in take on poachers in an effort to end illegal ivory trade in Africa.

    • (3,4K)
    • Documentary
    • Kief Davidson, Richard Ladkani
    • 2016-11-04
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    The Ivory Game team of front-line rangers and undercover operatives embark on dangerous missions to disrupt the treacherous pipeline of ivory. From fighting poachers in Africa to exposing illegal ivory shops in China, the team risks their lives to save our elephants.

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    relativo a: The Ivory Game film