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  1. The Killings at Outpost Zeta: Directed by Robert Emenegger, Allan Sandler. With Gordon De Vol, Jacqueline Ray, Jackson Bostwick, Stan Wojno. A team of men and women investigates the mysterious deaths of two previous expeditions to a strategically important but barren world.

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    • Sci-Fi, Thriller
    • Robert Emenegger, Allan Sandler
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  2. The Killings at Outpost Zeta - Un film di Allan Sandler, Bob Emenegger. Con Gordon Devol, Jacqueline Ray, Judith Doty, Bob Emenegger, Stan Wojno, Jackson Bostwick. Fantascienza, USA, 1980. Durata 92 min.

  3. The Killings at Outpost Zeta 1980 Directed by Allan Sandler, Robert Emenegger Synopsis First one, then another, and another. Who or WHAT is responsible? A team of men and women investigate the mysterious deaths of two previous expeditions to a strategically important but barren world. Cast Crew Details Genres Releases Cast

    • Allan Sandler, Robert Emenegger
  4. 8 ago 2022 · The Killings At Outpost Zeta. Sci fi. Aliens. Horror, mystery, adventures, alien, monsters, astronauts, search, After losing contact with its outpost, a team is sent to investigate what happened to the scientific team and the previous search and rescue group.

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    • 93 min
  5. di Robert Emenegger, Allan Sandler - Forse il più povero fanta-horror al quale si possa associare il cognome Spielberg (produce Anne, sorella di Steven). I cineasti Emenegger e Sandler, responsabili di un pugno di filmetti sci-fi a bassissimo budget, risponde alla chiamata di Ridley Scott proponendo una noiosa avventura spaziale con astronauti in missione e alieni-roccia prosciugatori di ...

  6. Titolo: The Killings at Outpost Zeta; Anno: 1980; Generi: Thriller, sci-fi; Durata: 1 ora e 32 minuti (92 minuti)

  7. Another one of those "SOS because monsters are attacking us" low budget sci-fi flicks. Starfleet sends a rescue team to the barren planet Zeta after two exploratory teams go missing. This mission is of the utmost importance as they were hoping to begin colonization on this Earth-like rock within two months. Once the team of six (four men and ...