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  1. The wavelength of a light wave is inversely proportional to its frequency. Light is often described by it's wavelength in a vacuum. Light ranges in wavelength from 400 nm on the violet end to 700 nm on the red end of the visible spectrum. Phase differences between light waves can produce visible interference effects.

  2. However, these jets are not moving at speeds in excess of the speed of light: the apparent superluminal motion is a projection effect caused by objects moving near the speed of light and approaching Earth at a small angle to the line of sight: since the light which was emitted when the jet was farther away took longer to reach the Earth, the time between two successive observations corresponds ...

  3. 29/09/2022 · Scientists ‘shocked’ by rate of change as rapid sea-ice melt drives absorption of CO2 – with ‘huge implications’ for Arctic sea life

  4. 29/09/2022 · Yet it sheds light on one of the most critical periods in the evolution of animal life. Dating to 518 million years old, the little cigar-shaped worm has a curious mix of features. Dr Luke Parry from the University of Oxford and a co-author of this study, says, 'When it first became clear to me what this fossil was that I was looking at under the microscope, I couldn't believe my eyes.'

  5. Derek Cianfrance, Director: Blue Valentine. Derek Cianfrance began making movies at age 13. He later attended The University of Colorado where he studied under avant-garde film legends Stan Brakhage and Phil Solomon. His first three films, 'Five O'clock Shadow', 'Raw Footage', and Brother Tied (1998), won consecutive Goldfarb Awards for best film. Raw Footage went on to be awarded a Special...