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  1. 11 ore fa · We are at its epicentre, a ground zero, for both the challenges and the solutions that it presents. Coastal erosion, rising sea levels, degraded peatlands, overgrazed lands, a fragmented, long-neglected rainforest, wildfires, higher energy and transport costs and a shortage of homes – these are just a snapshot of the issues to be confronted.

  2. 11 ore fa · High fees and interest: They tower over us, much like the looming cave walls, casting shadows on our stability. Renewals and stacking: In seeking more capital, we only tighten the binds, adding layers upon layers of obligations. Seeking an Escape. Yet, all hope is not lost—for we are resourceful.

  3. 11 ore fa · A TikTok star completed a pub crawl through London's 'no gone zones' branded by Donald Trump and Katie Hopkins to see what they are really like. The social media user travelled around different areas of the capital as part of his tour after Trump slammed the city in 2018 claiming there are certain spots where "police are scared for their own ...

  4. 11 ore fa · Southland’s Leon Samuels wins another final. Telegraph crossword. Pensioner sentenced for stealing ‘knick-knacks’. Poor parking creates Esk St tensions. Looming post shop closure averted. Where patriarchy, alpine villages and fashion meet. Council prepares for flooding.

  5. 11 ore fa · What the papers say – April 12 (PA) The death of OJ Simpson, defence and the looming election are among the topics occupying the front pages of Friday’s newspapers. “Infamous OJ” features ...

  6. 11 ore fa · Never Whistle For The Wind by No Skull, released 12 April 2024 We dream of red fields of none And roses sing of the sun We travel along the path The clearing is at the end Together, many as one Forever, never undone In theis haze of green and gold The story is still untold We wander our minds unbound We open what is unfound The Tower is looming tall We'll never let it fall Never fall Let ...

  7. 11 ore fa · Annakye, the Central Coast sensation, returns with their latest single, “Colours,” following the success of their 2024 hit, “Oceans.” With “Colours,” Annakye demonstrates their musical prowess, seamlessly blending gentle vocal tones with explosive progressive rock elements, culminating in a stadium-worthy anthem.

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