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  1. 18 set 2020 · They make quite the double act - one of many associated with this film. Here's to better summers. The Man in the Hat is in selected cinemas from Friday, September 18 and will be released digitally ...

  2. 18 set 2020 · As he travels North through France, he encounters razeteurs, women with stories to tell, bullfights, plenty of delicious food, a damp man, mechanics, nuns, a convention of Chrystallographers and much more, coming face to face with the vivid eccentricities of an old country. Stephen Warbeck. Director, Writer. John-Paul Davidson. Director, Writer.

  3. 18 set 2020 · In his film, the main character is a postman on a bicycle and has similar traits or qualities with our Man in the Hat. There’s a scene in our film directly inspired by this, when our character ...

  4. Título original: The Man in the Hat. Sinopsis: El hombre del sombrero (Ciarán Hinds) viaja a través de Francia en un Fiat 500 acompañado de una fotografía enmarcada de una mujer desconocida. Le persiguen cinco hombres furiosos en un Citroën Dyane. ... Puedes ver The Man in the Hat mediante en las plataformas:

  5. A group of five men (The Bald Men), who appear at the start to be Mafiosi, slipping a body in the Marseilles dock, and then follow the Man In The Hat. (Ciaron Hinds). Yet they look like a rascally English Two-Tone group with the hats and ties and suits (Madness, The Selector). Their vehicle, the Citroen Dyane is rusty blue and rusty red, so ...

  6. Ciarán Hinds stars as The Man In The Hat on a road trip across France in a tiny Fiat 500 in this musically-rooted comedy directed by Oscar-winning composer Stephen Warbeck (Shakespeare In Love) and John Paul Davidson.

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  7. The Man in the Hat - guarda online: streaming, acquisto or noleggio Ci impegnamo ad aggiungere sempre nuovi providers, ma non siamo riusciti a trovare un'offerta online per "The Man in the Hat" . Per favore, ritorna presto e controlla se ci sono delle novità.