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  1. 11 mar 2023 · The first time I saw the Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected), I dismissed it as a boring, talky drama, which was a big mistake. Now that I have more experience with films—and not just a phone-scrolling idiot, I am able to see this film with new eyes. This is the best type of “talky drama”, with the writing so smooth and rich in detail.

  2. 22 feb 2023 · CINEFORUM rivista di critica e cultura cinematografica via Pignolo 123, 24121 Bergamo - Italia CF 00248300279 - PI 01700110164 +39 370 3625936

  3. 14 mar 2023 · In The Meyerowitz Stories, Sandler’s character Danny is raising a teenage daughter Eliza (Grace Van Patten). As a single father, Danny struggles to prepare for Grace’s trip to college to pursue...

    • Liam Gaughan
  4. 20 mar 2023 · Adam Sandler e Ben Stiller condividono l'ilarità che li ha sempre contraddistinti come ottimi protagonisti in più comedy. Inoltre, i due attori hanno condiviso il set come nel caso di Happy Gilmore...

  5. 3 mar 2023 · Watch The Meyerowitz Stories now on Netflix. 5. Punch-Drunk-Love Director Paul Anderson (Magnolia, There Will Be Blood, Licorice Pizza) spotted something in Sandler many hadn’t seen before. This serious and surreal romantic-comedy shifted him outside his normal goofy humour for his performance as bachelor Barry Egan.

  6. 10 mar 2023 · In "The Meyerowitz Stories," three estranged siblings reunite back home to support and honor their father's celebrated artwork. The three fall into a