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  1. The Promised Life: With Luisa Ranieri, Rosanna Sapia, Francesca di Maggio, Francesco Arca. The story unfolds during the 1920s, interweaving events, first in Italy and then in New York, of Carmela, a courageous mother always ready to fight for the life promised to herself and her family.

    • (146)
    • 2018-09-16
    • Drama
  2. Faccelo sapere! La vita promessa - guarda online: streaming, acquisto or noleggio Adesso puoi guardare "La vita promessa" in streaming su Rai Play gratuitamente con avvisi pubblicitari.

    • (146)
    • Ricky Tognazzi
    • 2018
    • Luisa Ranieri
    • Main Characters of The Promised Life: La Famiglia
    • Escaping The Gangs of Sicily
    • The Route from Naples to Little Italy
    • Arriving in The “Promised Land” For A Promised Life
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    The protagonist of the story, Carmela Carrizzo (superbly acted by Luisa Ranieri), is a peasant mother working the fields under a brutal Mafia don, Vincenzo Spano (played by Francesco Arca). Fans of Detective Montalbanomay be surprised to learn that the very talented Ranieri, who appeared in the American romantic comedy, Letters to Juliet, is the wi...

    To punish Carmela for rejecting his aggressive sexual advances, Spano and his men take revenge on her son Rocco, whom they see eating a lamb bone in the field when he should be working. Although the lamb fell to its death from a rock, they accuse him of slaughtering the animal for food. He is beaten, tortured, and branded as a thief by Spano’s men,...

    A kind priest, Father Cosimo, warns the widow that she and her family must flee to America to escape the grip of the don and the Sicilian Mafia. He gives her some money and uses his contacts to help her. Conflicted about leaving her homeland, Carmela realizes she has no choice if she and her family are to have a normal life and a future worth livin...

    Carmela quickly learns that the streets in America aren’t paved with proverbial gold. The Promised Lifedepicts the challenges Carmela and many other Italian immigrants faced arriving through Ellis Island without adequate housing, jobs, or resources, often not speaking the language or knowing how to read. Some common themes emerge through the series...

    Directed by Ricky Tognazzi, Season 1 originally premiered on Rai 1, the state-owned TV station In Italy, in late 2018. Filmed in Italian and subtitled in English, Season 1 has five episodes, each about 1¾ hours long. (Fooled me but the scenes depicting life in Sicily were actually filmed in Puglia; the ones from Little Italy in Bulgaria). The Promi...

  3. 15 set 2018 · The Promised Life. Season 1. This epic Italian-language saga follows a courageous mother’s quest to make a better life for her family in the face of tragedy and hardship. In the early 1920s, Carmela Carrizzo (Luisa Ranieri, Letters to Juliet) and her husband farm lands in Sicily belonging to the unscrupulous Spanò.

  4. 23 gen 2022 · Mr. Ferri proves to be a lifesaver for the family during their rough transition. Highlights of Season 2 Luisa Ranieri in The Promised Life (credit: MHz Choice) Note: There may be a few spoilers in these summaries. Only proceed if you want to have a glimpse of what is to come.

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  5. IMDb RATING. 8.7 /10. 12. YOUR RATING. Rate. The epic story of one of the many Sicilian families during the greatest modern migratory movements in recent history. See production, box office & company info. Add to Watchlist.