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  1. 7 set 2015 · This documentary compares the lives and the reigns of two extraordinary women who have steered their courses through periods of remarkable change: Elizabeth and Victoria.

  2. A documentary by the BBC marking the time in September 2015 when Queen Elizabeth II surpassed her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria's reign as the longe...

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    • Michael Pearce
  3. Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning monarch in British history on 9 September 2015 when she surpassed the reign of her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria. On 6 February 2017, she became the first British monarch to celebrate a Sapphire Jubilee, commemorating 65 years on the throne.

  4. 6 set 2015 · Queen Elizabeth II will overtake Queen Victoria as the UK's longest serving monarch this week. Between them, they have reigned for more than 125 years.

  5. 17 nov 2022 · Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest-reigning monarch in British history on the evening of 9 September 2015. This royal history documentary compares the li...

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    • HistoryIsOurs - World History Documentaries
  6. 9 set 2022 · On September 9, 2015, Elizabeth became Britain’s longest-serving monarch, ruling even longer than her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II died...

  7. With a reign of 63 years, seven months, and two days, Victoria was the longest-reigning British monarch and the longest-reigning queen regnant in world history, until her great-great-granddaughter Elizabeth II surpassed her on 9 September 2015.