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  1. The Slab Boys Trilogy is a set of three plays by the Scottish playwright John Byrne. The trilogy was originally known as Paisley Patterns. The three plays which make up the trilogy are: The Slab Boys, Cuttin' a Rug, and Still Life. The trilogy tells the story of a group of young, urban, working-class Scots during the period 1957–1972.

    • John Byrne
    • United Kingdom
  2. The slab boys By John Byrne. It is the wit of John Byrne's script which lingers in the memory. But there's so much more to this play, and the other two – 'Cuttin' a rug' and 'Still life' – which make up 'The slab boys trilogy'. Nostalgic but unsentimental, a grim reality lurked behind the boys’ bravado.

  3. 29 ago 1997 · The Slab Boys: Directed by John Byrne. With Robin Laing, Russell Barr, Bill Gardiner, Louise Berry. In 1957 Paisley, Scotland, three working-class lads look forward to the staff dance at the local carpet factory in this exuberant piece of social-observation cinema that focuses on the boys' obsession with lust, music, and "getting out."

    • (90)
    • Drama
    • John Byrne
    • 1997-08-29
  4. 26 lug 2020 · Slab Boys. Background. The Slab Boys is partly autobiography and reflects John Byrne's upbringing, family and early working life. The play reflects issues of youth rebellion, social class and...

  5. 15 feb 2015 · The Slab Boys review – banter without the bite. Citizens, Glasgow. John Byrne’s teddy boys put the accent on badinage, but this timely revival lacks a cutting edge. Mark Fisher. Sun 15 Feb 2015...

  6. 26 lug 2023 · From a carpet manufacturer’s factory floor to Broadway and Hollywood’s bright lights, the tale of the Slab Boys and Girls is a journey of inspiration and creativity. Renowned Scottish playwright John Byrne found the spark for his masterpiece in the small paint mixing room of a Paisley carpet factory, where he worked as a teenager ...

  7. Spanning the 1950s to the 70s, the Slab Boys trilogy – The Slab Boys, Cuttin' a Rug and Still Life – capture the rebellious mood of a post-war generation growing up to a backdrop of James Dean, Elvis, sharp-suited glamour, hope and despair. John Byrne takes the slab room he worked