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  1. The Stone Angel. Based on the iconic Margaret Laurence novel of the same name, Kari Skogland’s 2007 Canada/UK production, The Stone Angel, is a tale of sin and redemption in a small Manitoba town early in the twentieth century. Like other chronicles of a family, or a time, or a community, the plot unfolds through the memory of someone near ...

  2. Trailer del film The Stone Angel (2007) regia di Kari Skogland, con Ellen Burstyn, Christine Horne, Cole Hauser, Kevin Zegers, Elliot Page, Dylan Baker.

  3. The feisty aging Hagar Shipley has lived an unconventional life. Her rebellious heart has always ruled and her choices have put her at odds with family and friends. Faced with her own mortality, and desperate to find solace, she goes on the run. In both the past and the present, she is forced to come to terms with the pain and pleasure, the disappointments and the exhilarations of her life.

  4. Margaret Laurence's much-lauded heroine Hagar Shipley may by 90 years old, but she is not ready to lie down and die just yet. When her son, Marvin (Dylan Baker), takes his mother to look at a nursing home, she takes it as her cue to leave her family behind and set out on one great last journey.

  5. 18 giu 2009 · The Stone Angel. DVD/Blu-ray-Start: 18.06.2009 | Großbritannien, Kanada (2007) | Drama | 110 Minuten | Ab 12. NEU: PODCAST: Die besten Streaming-Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber ...

  6. The Stone Angel is a 2007 Canadian drama film written and directed by Kari Skogland. The screenplay is based on the 1964 novel of the same name by Margaret Laurence.

  7. The Stone Angel. Kari Skogland. Novel: Margaret Laurence. In Manitoba, Hagar Shipley is nearing 90. She has little, she tells us, but her memories. Over several weeks, during which she runs away from her son and daughter-in-law who want to place her in a nursing home, returning to the small town where she grew up and the now-derelict farmhouse ...

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    relativo a: The Stone Angel (film) film