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  1. 11 ore fa · With shades of The Taming of the Shrew, THE TUNDRA WITHIN ME is a noteworthy directorial debut from writer/director Sara Margrethe Oskal, a former reindeer herder, who knows a thing or two bout antler wrangling.

  2. 11 ore fa · Scarlett conquista la Luna, Sweeney la novizia, Banderas detective anti killer e altri 7 film al cinema o in streaming

  3. 11 ore fa · The movie feels like a very deliberate throwback to the 90s era of rom-coms complete with the movie being a loose adaptation of a William Shakespeare play ( The Taming of the Shrew ).

  4. 11 ore fa · Who was Stefan Zweig? It's likely that it's mostly older folk who studied German literature at A-level who have encountered this superb Viennese writer in his native language, though his short story from 1922, Letter to an Unknown Woman, eventually emerged as a starry Hollywood film in 1948.

  5. 11 ore fa · The Boys: Laz Alonso vuole convincere Eric Kripke a concludere la saga con un film. L'interprete di Marvin Milk ha proposto, senza successo, l'idea di un film allo showrunner di The Boys: ecco ...

  6. 11 ore fa · Un'analisi approfondita del fumetto The Crow e del film divenuto cult. Differenze tra film e fumetto, curiosità e panoramica sugli altri adattamenti cinematografici.

  7. 11 ore fa · Comedy films are separated into two categories: short films and feature films. Any film over 40 minutes long is considered to be of feature-length (although most feature films produced since 1950 are considerably longer, those made in earlier eras frequently ranged from little more than an hour to as little as four reels, which amounted to about 44 minutes).