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  1. A mosquito — hilariously voiced by Maya Rudolph — drinks the blood of a newly single and broken-hearted man and promptly falls in love with him, in Nicole Delaney’s fantastical comedy about being...

  2. Starring Maya Rudolph and Jay Ellis, THIRSTY tells the story of a mosquito who falls in love with a man after tasting his blood. Through her eyes we explore the ups and downs of sex, intimacy, love, and a bug’s unflinching desire to feel human. A Cake (FX) Special Presentation. See more short films and short series on Cake.

  3. What is health to you? AXA. Watch. Stefan Pflug

  4. Thirsty disponibile su Netflix, TIMvision, Infinity, Google Play, iTunes? Scopri qui come guardare film online!

  5. Thirst ( 박쥐?; lett. "Pipistrello") è un film del 2009 scritto e diretto da Park Chan-wook, vincitore del Premio della giuria al 62º Festival di Cannes. [1] La trama del lungometraggio è liberamente ispirata al romanzo Teresa Raquin di Émile Zola. [2] Indice 1 Trama 2 Riconoscimenti 3 Note 4 Voci correlate 5 Collegamenti esterni

    • 135 min, 148 min (Director's Cut)
    • 2009
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