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  1. Thomas Lincoln Sr. (January 6, 1778 [a] – January 17, 1851) was an American farmer, carpenter, and father of the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Unlike some of his ancestors, Thomas could not write.

  2. Thomas Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln's father, Thomas Lincoln. Quick Facts. Significance: Father of Abraham Lincoln. Place of Birth: Rockingham County, Virginia. Date of Birth: January 6, 1778. Place of Death: Coles County, Illinois. Date of Death: January 17, 1851. Place of Burial: Coles County, Illinois. Cemetery Name: Shiloh Cemetery.

  3. 10 apr 2015 · Thomas "Tad" Lincoln. The youngest child of Mary and Abraham, Thomas, was born on April 4, 1853, in the Lincoln home in Springfield. He was named after Lincoln's father, Thomas, but, Abraham nicknamed him "Tad," short for "Tadpole," apparently because of his appearance as an infant.

  4. 17 mar 2015 · Thomas Lincoln: Father of the Sixteenth President. Carles H. Coleman. iUniverse, Mar 17, 2015 - History - 112 pages. Thomas Lincoln, born in 1778, conquered the wilderness, built cabins and...

  5. Thomas Lincoln LN-1475. Thomas Lincoln has been the subject of description and judgment since at least 1860 when a political biography of his son Abraham was written. Since then, thousands of books have been written about Abraham with most having brief descriptions of Thomas.

  6. Thomas “Tad” Lincoln (April 4, 1853 – July 15, 1871) was the fourth and youngest son of President Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln. Tad was named after Thomas Lincoln, Abraham’s father who had died in 1851. Tad’s head was unusually large at birth.

  7. Persone. Thomas Lincoln – Il padre del Presidente degli Stati Uniti d'America Abramo Lincoln. Thomas Lincoln Jr – Uno dei fratelli del Presidente Abramo Lincoln. Thomas Lincoln III – Uno dei figli del Presidente Abramo Lincoln. Categoria: Pagine di disambiguazione.