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  1. 4 giorni fa · Devil In A Blue Dress also stars Tom Sizemore as DeWitt Albright, who hustles Easy into this dangerous game, and Don Cheadle as Mouse, Easy’s extremely volatile friend.

  2. 2 giorni fa · Ridley Scott’s 2001 urban war movie boasted recognizable stars like Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor, and William Fichtner, but it also recruited actors little known in Hollywood at the time. For its young and international cast members, Black Hawk Down was a debut film that jump-started their careers in the American film industry.

  3. 3 giorni fa · Best of Tom Sizemore on Netflix Streaming, Tom Sizemore movies and tv shows on Netflix, Watch Tom Sizemore on netflix, Highest rated movies and tv shows by Tom Sizemore, Latest by Tom Sizemore on Netflix.

  4. 2 giorni fa · Elokuvista Reliikki ja Pelastakaa sotamies Ryan tuttu yhdysvaltalaisnäyttelijä Tom Sizemore, 61, on kuollut, kertoi hänen managerinsa lauantaina Suomen aikaa. Sizemore joutui sairaalaan aivoaneurysman eli valtimon seinämien laajenemisen ja sitä seuranneen aivoverenvuodon vuoksi. Hän on ollut tehohoidossa helmikuun puolivälistä saakka.

  5. 3 giorni fa · The group—played by a top-notch ensemble cast that includes Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore, and Ed Burns—is tasked with going behind enemy lines to save a soldier whose brothers have already lost ...

  6. 2 giorni fa · Brawl in Cell Block 99 is emotionally powerful and absolutely gut-wrenching, making it one of the most underrated slow-burn movies of recent years. But while not all of its runtime is fueled by ...

  7. 3 giorni fa · *The Electric Man* - When Trace McNeil experiences a 12,000 volt shock, his life becomes a psychedelic blur of reality and fantasy in this science fiction dr...

    • 91 min
    • 9,6K
    • Sci-Fi Central
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    relativo a: Tom Sizemore