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  1. 1 giorno fa · Country music is known for its ballads and dance tunes (i.e., " honky-tonk music ") with simple form, folk lyrics, and harmonies generally accompanied by instruments such as banjos, fiddles, harmonicas, and many types of guitar (including acoustic, electric, steel, and resonator guitars).

  2. 4 giorni fa · Traditional music, especially sean nós singing, played a major part in Irish popular music later in the century, with Van Morrison, Hothouse Flowers and Sinéad O'Connor using traditional elements in popular songs.

  3. 1 giorno fa · Music written for and by the early Christian Church properly inaugurates the Western classical music tradition, [1] which continues into medieval music where polyphony, staff notation and nascent forms of many modern instruments developed.

  4. 4 lug 2024 · Popular music, any commercially oriented music principally intended to be received and appreciated by a wide audience, generally in literate, technologically advanced societies dominated by urban culture. Unlike traditional folk music, popular music is written by known individuals.

    • The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica
  5. 17 giu 2024 · folk music, type of traditional and generally rural music that originally was passed down through families and other small social groups. Typically, folk music, like folk literature, lives in oral tradition; it is learned through hearing rather than reading.

  6. 2 lug 2024 · Traditional pop is a term used here to refer to any popular songwriting before the advent of rock and roll in the 1950s as well as music which continues in this tradition.

  7. 20 giu 2024 · country music, style of American popular music that originated in rural areas of the South and West in the early 20th century. The term country and western music (later shortened to country music) was adopted by the recording industry in 1949 to replace the derogatory label hillbilly music.