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  1. 11 lug 2017 · Transhuman: Directed by Nicholas Winter. With Marc Bannerman, Steven Berkoff, Toyah Frantzen, Paul Ginns. Transhuman follows a young journalist into the underbelly of a transhumanist cult, spanning generations leading back to the nazi's during world war two.

    • (51)
    • Horror
    • Nicholas Winter
    • 2017-07-11
  2. 30 titles. 1. The Lawnmower Man (1992) R | 108 min | Horror, Sci-Fi. 5.4. Rate. 42 Metascore. A simple man is turned into a genius through the application of computer science. Director: Brett Leonard | Stars: Jeff Fahey, Pierce Brosnan, Jenny Wright, Mark Bringelson. Votes: 38,846 | Gross: $32.10M. Watch on STARZ. with Prime Video Channels. 2.

  3. 17 mar 2019 · Instead, let's focus on those that show us the most interesting aspects of this movement to transcend the boundaries of the human frame. So, without further ado, here are five of the best movies that center on unique aspects around the theme of transhumanism.

    • Zachary Tomlinson
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    Transhuman, or trans-human, is the concept of an intermediary form between human and posthuman. [1] In other words, a transhuman is a being that resembles a human in most respects but who has powers and abilities beyond those of standard humans. These abilities might include improved intelligence, awareness, strength, or durability.

  5. 18 dic 2013 · January 1, 2009. The cutting edge group known as transhumanists see a beautiful future brought about by artificial intelligence, life extension, and cybernetics. What one must realize before getting carried away with such utopian dreams is that transhumanism was born out of the elitist pseudo-science eugenics.

  6. The science fiction film genre has always had a hand in exploring transhumanism and the ethics and implications surrounding it. In the first two decades of the twenty-first century, however, there has been a surge of films and television shows focusing on the superhero genre. There are many superheroes whose stories are propelled or entirely ...

  7. Le TRANSHUMANISME au cinéma. Liste de 188 films transhumanistes : manipulations génétiques ; cyborgs ; clones ; bioéthique ; homme augmenté. Le monde transhumain dans tous ses états, pour le meilleur et surtout pour le pire ! En ce qui concerne les robots au cinéma, se reporter ... Afficher plus. Liste de. 188 films.