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  1. The 2019 United Kingdom general election was held on Thursday 12 December 2019 to elect members of the House of Commons. The Conservative Party won a landslide victory with a majority of 80 seats, [n 5] a net gain of 48, on 43.6% of the popular vote, the highest percentage for any party since the 1979 United Kingdom general election. [3]

  2. The Electoral Commission has confirmed that the 2019 Parliament must be dissolved, at the latest, by 17 December 2024, and that the next general election must take place no later than 28 January 2025. Possible dates. The election will be held in 2024, or January 2025.

  3. 23 nov 2023 · When is the next general election due? UK general elections - where all 650 Members of Parliament (MPs) are elected to the House of Commons - have to be held no more than five years apart.

  4. There have been 57 general elections held in the UK up to and including the December 2019 election. Election results Shares of the vote in general elections since 1832 received by Conservatives [note 1] (blue), Liberals/Liberal Democrats [note 2] (orange), Labour (red) and others (grey) [1] [2] [3]

  5. 12 dic 2019 · General elections. A general election is an opportunity for people in every part of the UK to choose their MP. This person will represent a local area (constituency) in the House of Commons for up to five years. There is a choice of several candidates in each constituency.

  6. 3 dic 2019 · What is a by-election? A by-election is when an election is held to choose an MP for one particular constituency in between general elections, because the MP currently holding the position...

  7. 18 apr 2017 · A general election is how the British public decide who they want to represent them in Parliament and, ultimately, run the country. Everyone who is eligible - and registered (see below) - gets...