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  1. On Nov. 10, the Lani Guinier Memorial Team and the Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Memorial Team met in the final round of the Ames Moot Court Competition — one of the most prestigious contests of appellate brief writing and advocacy in the nation.

  2. Cambridge students make up 20 percent of the town's population and most of the older colleges are situated near the city center. Its notable buildings give the city of Cambridge a unique character, and include King's College Chapel, the history faculty building designed by James Stirling and the Cripps Building at St John's College.

  3. university definition: 1. a place where people study for an undergraduate (= first) or postgraduate (= higher level…. Learn more.

  4. Search Cambridge International’s global database of recognition policies. Our online database includes higher education institutions worldwide which have provided us with their formal acceptance policies for Cambridge qualifications. Please note that policies are subject to change.

  5. Bando di selezione di n. 10 studenti per il conseguimento della certificazione Cambridge BEC 25 Nov 2022 Colloquio – BANDO PER L’AFFIDAMENTO DI N. 5 INCARICHI PER ATTIVITÀ TUTORIALI, DIDATTICO-INTEGRATIVE, PROPEDEUTICHE E DI RECUPERO PER L’ANNO ACCADEMICO 2022-2023 (PLS_POT_2021_2023)

  6. Two students from our Department, with colleagues in Computer Science, Philosophy and Pharmacology, have been awarded a grant to investigate the application of artificial intelligence in biological discovery.

  7. Cambridge Regional College, Kings Hedges Road, CB4 2QT. 10 JUN. Huntingdon Family Fun Day (& Open Day) 10:30 am - 1:00 pm. CRC Huntingdon Campus, California Road ...