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  1. Archives of Harvard students, alumni/ae, and organizations provide a detailed look at student scholastic and extracurricular interests, as well as their family and social lives. Surprise Me! With collections as diverse as these, you’ll never know what you’ll find.

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  3. Harvard University Department of Music The Music Department offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. Additionally, the department sponsors numerous concerts, colloquia, lectures and special music events each month, which are free to students and the public.

  4. We have a number of programs for international students planning to study at Harvard graduate and professional schools. Please review the information below and the corresponding links to learn more about these funding opportunities.

  5. We offer housing and real estate services to the University’s graduate students, faculty, and employees. View our Admit Video to learn more.; Visit the Keep Harvard Healthy site for the latest coronavirus information.

  6. Solar geoengineering There are several proposed solar geoengineering technologies. These include marine cloud brightening, cirrus cloud thinning, space-based techniques, and stratospheric aerosol scattering, amongst others.

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