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  1. Helen Violet Bonham Carter, Baroness Asquith of Yarnbury, DBE (15 April 1887 – 19 February 1969), known until her marriage as Violet Asquith, was a British politician and diarist. She was the daughter of H. H. Asquith , Prime Minister from 1908 to 1916, and she was known as Lady Violet, as a courtesy title , from her father's ...

  2. Walter Henry Bonham-Carter (1866-1947) Sir Edgar Bonham-Carter (1870–1956) General Sir Charles Bonham-Carter (1876–1955), married Gabriele Fisher; Victor Bonham-Carter (1913–2007) Graeme Bonham-Carter (born 1939) Sir Maurice Bonham Carter (1880–1960) married Violet Asquith, Baroness Asquith of Yarnbury, life peer.

  3. No shrinking Violet. The last instalment of Violet Bonham Carter's diaries, Daring to Hope, reveals a woman of wit and passion.

  4. 4 nov 2021 · Born to Britain’s future prime minister in 1887, Violet Bonham Carter, the Baroness Asquith of Yarnbury, was an outspoken politician and friend of Winston Churchill. Despite never receiving a formal education, she became the first woman to be elected president of Britain’s Liberal Party in 1945.

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  5. Violet Bonham Carter (Baroness Asquith of Yarnbury), 1887-1969. By Jane Bonham Carter. Type: Biography. Violet Bonham Carter was born in Hampstead on 15 April 1887 as Helen Violet Asquith, the daughter of Herbert Henry Asquith and his first wife Helen Melland.

  6. Helen Violet Bonham Carter, Baroness Asquith of Yarnbury, geborene Asquith (* 15. April 1887 in Hampstead, London; † 19. Februar 1969 in London) war eine britische Politikerin.

  7. Helen Violet Bonham Carter (15 avril 1887 – 19 février 1969), baronne Asquith de Yarnbury, est une femme politique du Royaume-Uni. Elle est la fille de H. H. Asquith, Premier ministre de 1908 à 1916.