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  1. 8 nov 2020 · Waging Change: Directed by Abby Ginzberg, Joslyn Rose Lyons. With Mark Bittman, Jane Fonda, Saru Jayaraman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Tipping Point weaves the stories of individual workers such as Nataki Rhodes of Chicago and Naomi Debebe of Detroit with the efforts of thousands of restaurant workers across the country to demand ...

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  2. WAGING CHANGE is a compelling look at the unfair employment practices suffered by millions of workers in America’s tipped economy. It should be available in every college library. An essential film for understanding the way our economy really works, and who wins and loses in the process.

  3. film synopsis Waging Change shines a spotlight on the challenges faced by restaurant workers trying to feed themselves and their families off tips by intertwining stories of individuals, such as Nataki Rhodes of Chicago, Andrea Velasquez of Detroit and Wardell Harvey of New Orleans with the growing movement to end the tipped minimum wage.

  4. WAGING CHANGE weaves together the stories of workers struggling to make ends meet with the efforts of Saru Jayaraman of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, who faces off against the...

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  5. Waging Change A film by Abby Ginzberg US | 2019 | 61 minutes | color | DVD | English | Order No. W191253 | WAGING CHANGE shines a light on an American struggle hidden in plain sight: the women-led movement to end the federal tipped minimum wage for restaurant workers. License: Format: PRICE: $395.00 ADD TO CART Host a screening Watch on Kanopy

  6. Waging Change (2019) Written by:Toba Singer Share This: Documentary Directed by Abby Ginzberg Producer: Films for Justice Premieres on KQED Feb. 19, 2021, 8 p.m. (San Francisco Bay Area) Reviewed: Jan. 16, 2021 No rating Official Site IMDb link Film Giselle. San Francisco Ballet 2023. February 28, 2023

  7. Waging Change (2019), a documentary about the challenges faced by tipped servers, forced to rely on their tips and the federal tipped minimum wage of $2.13 per hour was broadcast on public television in February and March, 2021. It won the Best Documentary Award from the UNAFF Festival and the Best in Show from the Accolade Global Film Competition.