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  1. Walter Simonson (born September 2, 1946) is an American comic book writer and artist, best known for a run on Marvel Comics' Thor from 1983 to 1987, during which he created the character Beta Ray Bill. He is also known for the creator-owned work Star Slammers, which he inaugurated in 1972 as a Rhode Island School of Design thesis.

    • Writer, Artist
    • Walter Simonson, September 2, 1946 (age 77), Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.
    • American
  2. Walter Simonson è un fumettista statunitense. Dopo avere studiato geologia al Amherst College, si è trasferito al Rhode Island School of Design, diplomandosi nel 1972. La sua tesi è stata The Star Slammers, fumetto pubblicato come albo promozionale per l'edizione del 1974 del World Science Fiction Convention a Washington, D.C. Nel ...

  3. 18 lug 2022 · a cura di Manuel Enrico. Pubblicato il 18/07/2022 alle 12:00. Immaginare all’interno di un complesso pantheon supereroico una figura divina, col senno di poi, pare esser stato un azzardo da parte...

  4. 1 nov 2019 · Legendary Thor writer and artist Walt Simonson is also contributing a script for the issue. Simonson’s epic run with THOR in the ‘80s revitalized the character and cemented his place among Marvel icons. Before Simonson comes back for the tale with the God of Thunder, is taking a look back at his greatest-ever issues of ...

  5. 19 lug 2011 · Features. “I Thought It Was Worth Doing, and That Was Enough”: The Walter Simonson Interview. Sean Rogers | July 19, 2011. The cover to Walter Simonson's Thor: Artist's Edition, from IDW Publishing. In this, the year of all things Thor, we have been treated to no end of barrel-chested, distended approaches to Jack Kirby's thunder god.

  6. Walter "Walt" Simonson is an American comic book writer and artist. After studying geology at Amherst College, he transferred to the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating in 1972. His thesis project there was The Star Slammers, which was published as a black and white promotional comic book for the 1974 World Science Fiction Convention in ...

  7. Walter M. Simonson: Comics. MARVEL UNLIMITED. Show Variants. Showing 10 of 118 Results. Filtered by: Reset Filters. Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor Vol. 18 (Trade Paperback) True Believers: Avengers - Stormbreaker #1. Carlin, Simonson. True Believers: Fantastic Four by Walter Simonson #1. Simonson, Simonson.

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