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  1. 29 set 2023 · "The Chocolate War" is a thought-provoking and controversial novel written by Robert Cormier. Published in 1974, it explores the themes

  2. 2 feb 2018 · Director: Lu Chuan. City of Life and Death (2009) The Nanjing (formerly Nanking) massacre, a six-week period of mass rape and murder committed in 1937 by Japanese soldiers against Chinese civilians during the second Sino-Japanese war, remains to this day a major impediment to relations between the two countries.

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    Vom Kriege ( German pronunciation: [fɔm ˈkʁiːɡə]) is a book on war and military strategy by Prussian general Carl von Clausewitz (1780–1831), written mostly after the Napoleonic wars, between 1816 and 1830, and published posthumously by his wife Marie von Brühl in 1832. [1] It is one of the most important treatises on political ...

  4. 7 gen 2023 · With McShane showing up in Ballerina, it's worth wondering how the movie will address how things ended between him and Wick in the third film. Since Wick's initial reaction to being shot by Winston is an event that's likely to happen within the story of John Wick: Chapter 4 (and not offscreen or in Ballerina ), it's likely that the two characters won't cross paths in the spinoff.

  5. Johnny Got His Gun is horrifying. You know how horror in media always depict some kind of supernatural thing going on... What makes Johnny Got His Gun a more horrifying one is that it can easily happen to anyone. Imagine, you're unable to see, hear, feel, smell, taste, touch, or move. Would you rather die?