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  1. 24 gen 2023 · A collection of Public and Private Documents Chiefly Illustrative of the times of Elizabeth and James I Elizabeth's Glass Call Number: Online - Ebsco ISBN: 9780585003542 With 'The Glass of the Sinful Soul' (1544) By Elizabeth I, and 'Epistle Dedicatory' & 'Conclusion' (1548) By John Bale Elizabeth I: Collected Works by Elizabeth I, Queen of England

  2. 22 gen 2023 · Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II famously wore colour so well, and while she possessed a world-class collection of diamonds, there were few jewels she wore more often during her 70 years on the throne than a matching pair of sky-blue aquamarine Boucheron clips. The brooches were of sentimental value, having been a gift from the Queen’s father, George ...

  3. 26 gen 2023 · queen_elizabeth_ii_robert_menzies_duke_of_edinburgh.png. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh smilingly receive prominent citizens at the landing pontoon in Farm Cove, Sydney. The Prime Minister (Mr. R.G. Menzies) is in the background. February 3, 1954.

  4. 26 gen 2023 · England’s Elizabeth: An Afterlife in Fame and Fantasy Michael Dobson, Nicola Watson Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2002, ISBN: 198183771X; 360pp.; Price: £19.99 The Myth of Elizabeth edited by: Susan Doran, Thomas Freeman Basingstoke, Palgrave, 2003, ISBN: 333930835X; 269pp.; Price: £47.50 Reviewer: Dr Anne McLaren University of Liverpool

  5. 22 gen 2023 · Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee montage. April 29, 2002 - Three months of official celebrations get underway marking the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. On June 21 this year Elizabeth's reign becomes the fourth longest in British history. Photomontage shows selection of images from the 50 years of the Queen's reign.

  6. 24 gen 2023 · In 1986, the Fatma El-Zahraa's 4185 square metre palace and included garden was turned in to a museum housing a collection of jewelry owned by Mohamed Ali's royal family that ruled Egypt from 1804 to 1953. The museum currently hosts 11,500 items. All photos by Zeinab El-Gundy