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  1. Explore the fact-checked online encyclopedia from Encyclopaedia Britannica with hundreds of thousands of objective articles, biographies, videos, and images from experts.

  2. The Encyclopædia Britannica ( Latin for "British Encyclopædia") is a general knowledge English-language encyclopaedia. It has been published by Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. since 1768, although the company has changed ownership seven times. The encyclopaedia is maintained by about 100 full-time editors and more than 4,000 ...

  3. Encyclopaedia Britannica is the oldest English-language general encyclopedia. The Encyclopaedia Britannica was first published in 1768, when it began to appear in Edinburgh, and its first digital version debuted in 1981. In 1994 Britannica released the first Internet-based encyclopedia, and was launched in 1999.

  4. In Encyclopædia Britannica: Britannica in the digital era …in chief, the company developed Britannica Online, an extended electronic reference service for delivery over the Internet. In 1994 Britannica debuted the first Internet-based encyclopaedia. Users paid a fee to access the information, which was located at Read More

  5. British Encyclopedia. There have been a number of encyclopedia sets named British Encyclopedia, British Encyclopaedia or British Encyclopædia . British Encyclopedia, or Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, published in 1809. The British Encyclopedia, published in 1933.

  6. L' Enciclopedia Britannica (nome originale, in latino, Encyclopædia Britannica) è una delle principali enciclopedie in lingua inglese; la sua prima edizione è datata al 1768-71 a Edimburgo, in Scozia, come Encyclopædia Britannica, or, A dictionary of Arts and Sciences, Compiled upon a New Plan . Nonostante il nome, la sua casa ...

  7. The British Encyclopedia, or Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, claimed by its publishers to be a work " Comprising an accurate and popular view of the present improved state of human knowledge ", was published at London in 1809 in six octavo volumes and around 150 plates.