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  1. 3 giorni fa · When her mother began taking her to acting auditions, a then 11 year-old Connelly was quickly selected for a supporting role as the aspiring dancer and actress Deborah Gelly in Sergio Leone's Jewish gangster epic Once Upon a Time in America (filmed 1982–83, released 1984).

  2. 4 giorni fa · Demi Moore is an American actress who became one of Hollywood’s leading ladies and highest-paid performers in the 1990s. Films such as Ghost, A Few Good Men, Indecent Proposal, and The Scarlet Letter made her a star, but her many bold choices made her an often overlooked trailblazer.

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  3. 3 giorni fa · The Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress is an award presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). It has been awarded since the 9th Academy Awards to an actress who has delivered an outstanding performance in a supporting role in a film released that year. The award is traditionally presented by the ...

  4. 1 giorno fa · Moore, accompanied by her cute pooch Pilaf, earlier today talked about navigating Hollywood as an older actress, “You just show up and you face what’s in front of you to the best of your ability.

  5. 6 giorni fa · Courtney Moore: Courtney Deborah Moore 1986 Historical Line Active 2020–current Isabel Hoffman: Isabel Jane Hoffman 1999 Historical Line Active 2023–current Nicki Hoffman: Nicki Pearl Hoffman 1999 Historical Line Active 2023–current Tenney Grant: Tennyson Evangeline Grant Contemporary Characters Retired 2017–2018 Logan Everett

  6. 1 giorno fa · Few modern actors of her pedigree ever have. And the places that risk takes her in the movie’s absolutely bonkers final act will have your jaw on the floor, if it’s even still attached to your ...

  7. 12 ore fa · Fargeat’s “ The Substance ,” described as a feminist take on the body horror genre and starring Margaret Qualley and Demi Moore, bows at Cannes on Sunday night, the day before Cronenberg’s ...