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  1. 5 giorni fa · The Eye of the Storm is an Elite Enemy found in Genshin Impact. Find out all Eye of the Storm locations, how to beat them, as well as their item drops and basic info here!

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    Eyes of the Storm are Elite Enemies that are part of the Elemental Lifeforms family.

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    Note that HP and ATK values may change in Co-Op Mode, Spiral Abyss, some Quests, and certain Domains. For more details, see Enemy/Level Scaling § Other Multipliers.

    •Bow and Catalyst users can allow the player to attack the Eye of the Storm at range and when it is airborne.

    •While the Eye of the Storm is performing Domain of the Wild Wind, attack the Eye of the Storm with a ranged attack in order to immediately interrupt the attack and stun the Eye of the Storm. If no ranged attack is available, the player can use the upwards wind currents generated at random locations to avoid damage, as the attack only deals damage to grounded targets.

    Eye of the Storm

    A dangerous opponent that can summon a Hurricane Sphere to deal sustained DMG. Try using the Wind Current generated in the center to swiftly leave the ground.

    The corporeal form of extremely high-quality Anemo energies. The formation of an Eye of the Storm indicates that the elemental ley lines of a region are blocked, which has led to siltation. Its reckless, heedless wielding of storms that all but sweeps people off their feet may be due to its nature as a symbol of the world stricken by malaise.

    •Eyes of the Storm are the only Elite Enemies that do not drop any Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials.

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  2. 5 giorni fa · Time and Wind is a hidden World Quest found on the Nameless Island of Mondstadt in Genshin Impact. See how to unlock the location, walkthrough, how to search for the Eye of the Storm, and rewards here!

  3. 6 giorni fa · Eye Of The Storm is an other type of enemy in Genshin Impact 4.7. Guide on how to beat Eye Of The Storm, map location, drops, map, materials.

    • Mondstadt
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  4. 1 ott 2020 · Fight the Eye of the Storm. After picking up the fourth Wind Orb, the middle of the area will glow. Use Elemental Sight to find the Eye of the Storm, and use Traveler’s special attack to start the boss fight. At Level 35, the encounter can be pretty tough, though I was able to complete it as a Level 20 character.

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  5. 4 ago 2021 · This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the Time and Wind Side Quest, how to solve the puzzle on the island and defeat the Eye of the Storm. Time and Wind is a secret quest that unlocks by interacting with the “Ravaged Carving” statue on an island in the ocean.

  6. 21 nov 2020 · Here's how players can defeat it. Genshin Impact: How to Increase City Reputation (The Fast Way) Players will be able to find the Eye of the Storm on an unmarked island to the east of Starsnatch Cliff. To reach it, players will either need to glide or create a bridge of ice to reach the island.