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  1. All Critics (3) | Rotten (3) With its horrifying, half-finished visuals and an ensemble cast of sex predator corporate mascots, Foodfight! provides a steady stream of nightmare fuel. March 17 ...

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    • Threshold Digital Research Labs
    • PG
    • Kids & family, Action, Comedy, Animation
  2. 12 feb 2013 · The film had a $65 million budget, and made $73,706 at the box office. A major box office flop. In the beginning, Dex and Sunshine sit down for a fancy dinner. The table is covered with grapes, a carton of milk, and ice cream with fudge topping. Dex eats raisins and drinks milk throughout the film. None of those foods are good for dogs; raisins ...

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    English. Budget. $45–65 million [4] [5] Box office. $73,706 [4] Foodfight! is a 2012 American computer-animated adventure comedy film produced by Threshold Entertainment and directed by Lawrence Kasanoff. The film features the voices of Charlie Sheen, Wayne Brady, Hilary Duff, Eva Longoria, Larry Miller, and Christopher Lloyd.

    • $45–65 million
    • June 15, 2012
    • George Johnsen, Lawrence Kasanoff, Joshua Wexler
    • Walter Murphy
  4. The villain, Lady X wears clothes that alone should have gotten this movie a PG-13 rating. The climax is one of the most monotonous things I've ever seen in any movie. It's just characters throwing food over and over. It's painfully drawn out for something that's only an hour and a half long. The movements in this film are amazingly terrible.

  5. Odd adventure-comedy has lots of innuendo, cartoon violence Read Common Sense Media's Foodfight! review, age rating, and parents guide.

    • Lawrence Kasanoff
    • Barbara Shulgasser-Parker
    • Vivendi Entertainment
  6. 27 mar 2008 · IMDb RATING. 7.1 /10. 278. YOUR RATING. Rate. Documentary. A fascinating look at how American agricultural policy and food culture developed in the 20th century, and how the California food movement rebelled against big agribusiness to launch the local organic food movement. Director. Christopher Taylor.

  7. 2 ago 2017 · When Dex’s girlfriend Sunshine Goodness (Hillary Duff) is kidnapped by the evil Brand X (Longoria), the canine hero sets off to rescue her. Foodfight caught the attention of an advertising ...